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Since March of 2006, Eureka Counseling Services has been quietly helping residents of Knox and Lincoln Counties repair their own lives, and the lives of their families, from the trauma of drug and alcohol abuse addictions.

Couples, concerned persons and other loved ones who deal with addiction, either in themselves or in another family members, are frequently in stress or crises. Anger, fear, worry and violence can also be a part of their daily lives. That's why Eureka provides services for Family, Concerned Persons and Child Counseling, along with their Drug and Alcohol Counseling services. Also, self help can be found to help enhance therapy for families recovering from the effects of addictions in the families lives. This extra help can be found through such organizations such as ALANON and ALATEEN.

Alcoholism and addiction are diseases, so treatment costs are covered by most insurance providers. Eureka is currently accepting new Maine Care patients. Eureka is especially careful to protect the confidentiality of patients, not only by law, but also as something that gives people the confidence to begin the process of recovery.

Great communities like Mid Coast are wonderful places to live, in part because so much of what is needed for a good quality of life is right here. Now, with Eureka Couseling services in town, people will be able to find locally the support and care they need to lead sober and productive lives.

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